Tuesday, March 12, 2013


How do you make the headlines of the New York Times? According to Rep's NO WAY TO TREAT A LADY you have two options.

Option A: Become a world-renowned Broadway super star.

Option B: Turn into a multiple personality serial killer.

Tough choice, huh?

In the Musical, Christopher Gill, played by director Audie Gemora, unable to make Option A - which was undeniably accomplished by his late mother, opts for the second option. Gill goes on a killing spree dressed in various costumes, putting on different accents - trying to prove to the ghost of his late mother that he is just as capable of being an actor as she was. He wanders around Brooklyn and New York preying on women who seem to fit a similar profile.All his victims subconsciously remind him of his mother. His mother is played by Pinky Marquez Cancio, who also plays all the murder victims. Adding to this Freudian plot is Morris Brummel, played by another theater veteran, Joel Trinidad (writer of "Rivalry: The Lasalle-Ateneo Musical. Read our write up here). Brummel is a New York detective still living with his hypochondriac mother and trying to make his big break by cracking the case of the year. Mrs. Brummel, portrayed by the wonderful Sheila Francisco, provides most of the laughs in the show, (she reminds us of Renee Taylor in "The Nanny" - you know, Fran Fine's mother.) with her very Jewish, very New York typa additude, and some interesting ways of showing her love for her son.

And of course, a musical is not a musical with out a leading lady. Sarah Stone, played by the beautiful Carla Guevarra-Lafroteza, is a wealthy art dealer who develops a soft spot for the detective but finds herself competing with the killer for Brummel's attention.

 Despite the violent plot, the play is a hilarious mixture of Mamma's boys and murder. We caught the show with a large group of students from FEU, so the theater was not sparse of laughter and applause - not to mention various pitches of screaming during almost kissing scenes (filipino audiences love a good tease ;) ).

GO SEE IT! You won't regret it! 

The talented cast of NO WAY TO TREAT A LADY

Repertory Philippines has come up with an amazing season so far! After BOEING BOEING (read our article here)., NO WAY TO TREAT A LADY is definitely another fun show! Watch out for the rest of their season coming up! 



If you want to grab something to eat or drink after the show, just present your NO WAY TO TREAT A LADY ticket at Chihuahua Mexican Grill and Margarita Bar, and you get 15% discount! Chihuahua is located just in Greenbelt 2, around the corner from the theater!

 . . . 


Just as the Sunday Matinee show ended, we walked out into a very crowded theater lobby, Rep was holding their auditions for ALICE AND WONDERLAND and THE PRODUCERS. That evening, Repertory Philippines had record breaking attendance for the season and we are over the moon on the amount of enthusiasm theater has been met with! Way to go, thespians! :)



 If you didn't hear about the auditions on time, or have watched the shows and you want to get involved, Repertory Philippines also has a Summer Workshop that is currently open for enrollment!

For more information on Repertory Philippines, their shows, summer workshop and season tickets check out their website 
or give them a call at  
571-6926 or 571-4941, 
(fax) 576-3022

OF COURSE for tickets, what do you know, there's TicketWorld! Check out our website for event details, or give us a call!  

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