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TWI's Interview with BOEING BOEING's Director Miguel Faustmann

  TWI's Chewy Buhion had the wonderful pleasure of sitting down with some of the cast and crew of Repertory Philippines' season opener, BOEING BOEING.

Miguel Faustmann –Director/Set Designer

If you are a regular Rep-goes (as we at TWI are) Miguel is definitely someone you would recognize as he is one of the fondly called "Rep-tiles". Aside from his wonderful directing skills Miguel is also a very accomplished actor, on stage and in the movies. His tremendous acting skills definitely translate into his direction as he talks to us about his vision for BOEING BOEING and working with a wonderfully talented cast!

Why Boeing Boeing?

They revived it on Broadway recently; we usually try to do what they’re doing as well. To keep updated. What they’re doing we try to do it here, most of the shows, I mean that we can get the rights for. Then we do it here.

What was your initial reaction when you received Boeing Boeing?

“I’ve seen this show in the 70s. It’s really a funny show! I’ve watched it in the 70s, it’s a 60s setting, and there were no cell phones that time. My first reaction was, ‘Isn’t it a bit dated?’ But then, I think people like retro stuff, I don’t know. So I said fine I love comedies, this is hilarious, it’s nice to laugh.”

How is it working with a younger cast? 

“It’s nice with a younger cast, because it’s supposed to be young. I mean they’re stewardesses, how old are stewardess? They’re in their 20s, right. And then originally we had older men doing the roles of the men. It could also work, like dirty old men, but I really wanted a younger cast. Like the guys in their 30s, and the girls in their 20s.”

Watching you give out notes, where do you get the energy, and inspiration to see exactly what you want? 

“I get my energy from theatre. I have a vision. I see it in my mind, and how I want to watch it. Comedies, I’ve done so many, and I know what works, and what’s really funny to crack up the audience. You have to be bigger than life, do exaggerations. In a farce it’s got to be big. We’re not on tv, it’s not a cinema wherein you’ve got to be subdued. This is really big, theatre. If people in the back row don’t hear you even with your physical body language, they would not understand. It’s like watching a cartoon. You know those cartoon characters (Blahhh!) and the hair stands up-- you know the cartoon effect.”

Are you incorporating yourself in any of the characters, for example Bernard’s character?

“Well yes I put myself in the situation, and how would you panic. Wouldn’t you panic? I want them to think of what they can come up with on their own, but of course I can give them examples, you know. You’re like James Bond, you’re super cool, all these chicks around, you’re suave,  he’s got a flat in Paris, he’s rich. He can afford it, he gave 3 engagement rings. […] You have the bucks to do it, then do it. That sort of suave playboy, Hugh Heffner, that type of a guy. The other guy is a total nerd from the province. Who’s seeing his friend his classmate, he’s from a small little town and this guy’s from the big city, and wow with all the women. He’s looking at him like an idol, “Wow I want to be like him.” So, he tries, and it’s so awkward, it’s funny. That’s the comedy there.”

How do you think the Filipino audience will receive it?

“Very well.. It will relate to A LOT of people! And at least this will teach them the consequences, and to really think about it. They’ll be like, “Your play is really making it too thin.” To have 3 girls come into your flat. It’s okay if you have 3 different flats, but the same bedroom, the flat. That’s dangerous!”  
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