Monday, August 19, 2013

Wicked: The Popular musical is Defying Gravity in just One Short Day!

“Happy is what happens when all your dreams come true.” 

I Hope You're Happy ... Filipino Broadway fans! As your dreams will finally come true! The award winning musical - Wicked - will be flying to Manila this January 22 to February 9! The long awaited performance will be seen on stage at the CCP Main Theater as they give you one magical night to remember!

© Photo of the Australian Touring Production

Wicked tells the story of the two witches - Glinda the Good and Elphaba the Wicked Witch of the West, waaaaaay before Dorothy came into the picture. Their unusual friendship, their true nature and the secrets behind Oz that has never been told before will all be revealed in this spellbinding musical.

© Maye Wong

Glinda is an epitome of beauty and well, popularity. As Elphaba describes her in the song I'm Not That Girl  Blithe smile, lithe limb. She who's winsome, she wins him. Gold hair with a gentle curl. - the kind of girl that Elphaba thinks she will never be. Talking about herself in the song Popular Whenever I see someone less fortunate than I (And let's face it - who isn't less fortunate than I?) - although a bit (or maybe not just a bit) vain, Glinda is naive yet ambitious. She not only dreams for herself, but also for Elphie (Elphaba) whom she considers her best friend. 

Suzie Mathers will be playing Glinda in their Philippine Tour. Starting with a commerce degree at the University of Western Australia, she wasn't really the type to dance around school. Suzie was more of a math, numbers and equations kind of girl. A polar opposite of Glinda who is portrayed as a (as Elphie says) blonde. Although a natural born mathematician, she still followed her love for singing and auditioned for a musical where she eventually got a role. Her journey started there and now she's a graduate of the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts with a BA in Musical Theatre.

© Jeff Busby

Elphaba has exceptional talent with brains to match her skills. She's aggressive in the inside but dresses and acts more conservatively on the outside. Unlike Glinda who has a more outgoing personality yet would rather stay in the safe zone, Elphaba seeks freedom and independence. The sky is where her heart is and she's determined to pursue her dreams like the way she sings in Defying Gravity - ♪ Everyone deserves to fly! Nobody.... is ever gonna bring me down! Although she has a soft spot, especially for animals, she is often misunderstood. Being peculiar, her green color led her to face the harsh realities of life at such a young age. As she sings No Good Deed♪ One more disaster I can add to my generous supply. Sure, I meant well - Well, look at what well-meant did. She talks about the hardships she had to endure with the people surrounding her... at this rate, who is the real wicked one?

Jemma Rix gives life to Elphaba the Wicked Witch. A beautician during the day, a theater actress throughout her free time. Jemma Rix could probably give Glinda beauty tips during her makeover stint in the song Popular. Although she doesn't have formal training in acting, she has experience in being the lead singer of a pop band and also does plays in small theaters. She believes that if you work hard, miracles can happen. It has already happened to her and is still happening!

© Andrew Ritchie

Wicked's Elphaba and Glinda are said to be sought-after roles of Broadway actresses. And these two are certainly living their dreams! Two characters with strong contradicting personalities, two actresses that can relate to these characters, yet maybe in a different way. 

Suzie is smart like Elphaba, while Jemma can paint with make up brushes just like Glinda. Yet despite the contradiction, their roles still fit them perfectly. And their chemistry as best friends forever is truly undeniable. Just look how cute and sweet they look together!

Two unlikely people forms an unlikely friendship in a world full of mysteries and wonders.

Why is the lion a coward? How did the Tin Man lost his heart? And what is the story behind the Scarecrow's crucifixion? Wicked let's you see Oz in a different light. The eye catching effects, the heartwarming songs, the carefully plotted story and the amazing cast will all make you feel like students of Shiz University or even like a citizen of Emerald City! 

During the Press Launch last August 14, the venue emulated the spectacular set in the musical. Green lights, broomsticks, smoking drinks and just about everything that makes Wicked wicked. It was one of the grandest press launches I've ever seen. 

Coming to Manila, the talented musical director David Young plays the piano, Suzie Mathers sings Popular and Jemma Rix sings Defying Gravity with surprising green confetti filling the stage as she belts out the high notes.

The two then sings For Good and finally proceeds with a photo-op and an interview. 

Brought to you by Lunch Box Theatrical Productions, with it's CEO - James Cundall - as one of the lead producers, Wicked is a record-breaking production that exceeded TicketWorld's expectations. And will probably surpass the audience's as well!

With Grammy's, Tony's, numerous awards and still running 9 years after its first show -Wicked proves that their magic has not faded, together with morals that will forever remain in the hearts of those who watched it.

Wicked will be showing this January 2014 at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. Tickets of the highly anticipated musical is now available at all TicketWorld outlets nationwide! You can also reserve online, purchase from your mobile phones or call us at 891 - 9999! Hurry! Because Wicked's popularity defied gravity by selling about 5,000 tickets in just One Short Day on the first day of selling! :) You wouldn't want to miss out. :)

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  1. I like this app and I look take to your future posts on further development. Good luck!
    The wicked

  2. I've been waiting for Wicked to come to the Philippines and now that's its finally here, I bought tickets right away. I kept looking for schedules that would be convenient for me since I'm from Mindanao, in Zamboanga and it's very hard to travel from our place. But the show is only until Feb 9. I was hoping to get a schedule on the last week of February since I already have a planned travel by then. so I changed my schedules made a new travel plan and got Feb 5. then all of the sudden, the season got extended. I asked TicketWorld if I could reschedule... and the answer was a big NO!!! It sucked big time. Now I'm gonna watch this musical with a heavy heart thinking of what could have been and what is going on. It was a big disappointment. I really hope TicketWorld has a way of helping people with my situation. I was hoping if they could suggest solutions but the answer was a big NO!!! Even if the seats I was hoping to get by the the end of Feb are still available, all they would tell me is NO!!!

    1. Hi! We're really sorry to hear that. But we do not encourage re-scheduling to accommodate those who haven't bought their tickets yet due to lack of seats. Although, what seat did you buy? Because we can re-schedule if the customer is willing to upgrade their seats to A or Emerald seats. :) But even if re-scheduling is possible this will still be for approval. And if you bought the tickets during the VISA promo period, the discount will be invalid.

      We're sorry for the inconvenience. Still hoping that you can enjoy the show with a full heart, it's a once in a lifetime kind of thing, so hopefully you can dwell on the positive. :) (This is one of the greatest Broadways shows! :) ) It'll feel a whole lot better years from now to create happy memories. Hoping that you can still have a great time watching this spectacular show. God bless! :)

    2. Also, just in case you are travelling due to work reasons or urgent matters, you can refund your ticket using Ticket Protect. :) Then you can just purchase another ticket on your preferred date. :) You can call us again at 891 - 9999, our customer service representatives will assist you. :)

      So that's either you upgrade your seat for another date (still for approval) or refund (if reason is urgent or work related) and buy another one for the date you want to watch. :)

  3. Due to a Sto. Niño procession which closed of a long section of Roxas Blvd and clogged several roads in Manila, I was only able to arrive at the CCP at intermission. When I inquired about a refund at the Ticketworld office, they said refunds are not done there and gave me the number of Chartis. The Ticketworld staff said that the ticket has to be unused to be eligible for a refund, so we could not watch ACT II if we still wanted to refund our tickets.

    And today, upon calling Chartis, I was informed that the policy does not cover delays due to the Sto. Niño procession, though they refund for cases such as car breakdown, business travel etc.

    Can Ticketworld help us with this? I have an unused Emerald ticket

  4. I've seen wicked about twenty times now, I usually buy my tickets from Wicked Tickets so maybe I've spent about a dollars doing this. I can't get enough of that performance. What a great show.