Thursday, August 22, 2013

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch Repertory Philippines’ Alice in Wonderland

Did you know that Lewis Carrolll's Alice in Wonderland had been used to taunt the reign of Queen Victoria? That the absolute power the Queen of Hearts was inhibiting (Off with her head!) was an indirect and satirical attack to the British Constitutional Monarchy? And that the fall of Alice into the rabbit hole can somehow imply the fall of the children to the pit of forced labor during the Industrial Revolution?

Oh man, screw it. 

The truth is that falling into Alice's rabbit hole will always be one of the greatest dreams every child has. Lucky enough though, Repertory Philippines is generous enough to let us have a quick fall into the most profound hole ever known to man. And here is a list on why Repertory Philippines' own Alice in Wonderland is something you would love to fall into.

5. Colorful production

Even those who claim to be old enough for the colors baby pink and light blue would surely be endeared by the colorful production of Repertory Philippines' Alice in Wonderland. Even though the colorful backdrops and props are spectacles of their own, they have also highlighted the actors' superb performance rather than concealing them. Sure enough, they know how to play well with their pastels.

4. Excellent musical scoring

Photo from Repertory Philippines Facebook Page
Repertory Philippines know what to sing and how to sing it. The thing is, Alice in Wonderland is brimming with quotable lines which will get everyone into thinking, and Repertory Philippines has weighed such lines perfectly. They have sung those that are colorful enough to be sung, and they have reiterated those which constitute utter contemplation.

3. Faithful adaptation of the book

The theatrical adaptation of Repertory Philippines remained faithful to Lewis Carroll's orginal novel. Just like in other literary masterpieces, each and every scene in Alice in Wonderland is a vital factor to the entire story itself, no matter how shallow it may seem. Actually, Alice in Wonderland is mostly deemed as the best example of a literary non-sense; the abundance of literary and contextual sense within a story, so there is absolutely no point in saying that a single act in the story is a mere garnish.

2. Bituin Escalante 

Bituin Escalante is tailor-made for the role of the Queen of Hearts. If you are not startled by how she screams the ever famous line "Off with her head!" then it is either you are stonehearted or that you have already fallen unconscious out of fear.

5. No need to fall into a literal hole... or to fly

Let us face it, even though Alice has made falling into a hole cool and hippie, it will mean bruises and broken bones in real life, and of course, it is rather impossible that you will fall into the exact mad world she has fallen into. And most importantly, booking tickets to Disneyland will make the fall costy!

Repertory Philippines' theatrical adaptation of Lewis Carroll is the kind of Wonderland our parents told us about, comic, dynamic, musical and majestic. Fall into the rabbit hole and witness the bizarre world of Wonderland, right in front of your very eyes!

The production will run until December 15, 2013 at Onstage Theater, Greenbelt 1. Visit Repertory Philippines' newly launched website for more information and call Ticketworld at 891-9999 or visit for ticket prices and reservations.

Reported By: TwiSta Rhea Gulin

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