Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Calling all women! We repeat. CALLING ALL WOMEN!

Trademark Cuffs and Black Bow-ties!! 
This can only mean ONE THING!

The ULTIMATE Girls Night Out is BACK!

We trust that you've seen Magic Mike (No. Not the Karaoke machine - the film starring Channing Tatum and Matthew McConaughey's six packs) Ok, ok. The plot may not have been that amazing, but let's face it. That not why we all went and watched. (Wait. what? There was a "plot"?)

So why, see THIS show? 

We've got about 6 reasons.

 KIDDING! (That's more than 6).

  1. If you missed it in 2011, it's a sign. DON'T MISS OUT AGAIN! 
  2. This is the ORIGINAL act hailing from its home at the Rio Theater in Las Vegas, Nevada. 
  3.  It's much more than a bunch of men taking their shirts off. They sing, they dance, they take their shirts off! (FUN FACT: they rip about 12,243 tank tops a year)
  4. They've got a little something something for all types of women. Men in uniform? CHECK! Fire Fighter, CHECK! Suits? Check and CHECK
  5.  There are only a total of 24 genuine Chippendale dancers. The selections process is THAT intense. Twelve of them stay in Vegas while the other twelve is part of the Touring group! (One of the requirements is that they HAVE to be at least 6 feet tall!
  6. Watching Magic Mike in 3D, ain't got nothing on THIS experience!

Playing at New Port Performing Arts Theater at Resorts World Manila

THURSDAY June 13, 2013 and FRIDAY June 14, 2013

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