Monday, March 4, 2013

PIAF's Press Launch

TicketWorld was luckily invited to PIAF’s press launch last February 26 at Sir Boy’s Food Republique where we got to meet Sandino Martin, Ima Castro, Giselle Tongi-Walters and Pinky Amador.

25 years ago, Pinky Amador got to play a small role when Repertory Philippines staged Piaf. Pinky fell in love with the story of Edith Gassion, known as PIAF, and since then she have dreamt of doing the role. She mentioned that what we’ll see is the version of Pat Gems, shorter but more intense, more precise and has more music. It’s only 90 minutes long with 10 actors, playing up to 4 characters each.

We asked her how has she adjusted since the last time we saw her in Sound of Music and now Piaf. She said it requires a lot of research that she had to go to France to visit Piaf’s museum, learn French for the 4th time, talk to the people who knows Piaf, understand in-depth the character and she even went to Piaf’s grave to ask for permission & guidance in the doing the role. Pinky had to execute all the ups and downs of Piaf from career to love life to being manic, chaotic and obsessive which is not an easy role, as she admits, especially with the compressed version that they’re doing. She treats this dream role as a challenge especially now that she's celebrating her 30th year in the business.

Leaving all the showbiz questions with other reporters, we discussed a theatre related one. Pinky mentioned that theatre is little by little improving in terms of ticket sales and growing audience, I asked her then how we could make the youth be more involved and interested to watch theatre specially something as deep as Piaf. Pinky explained that for people to be involved in theatre, one must really have proper education with theatre acting, submerge themselves into the theatre world and lastly, expect a lot of sacrifices in social life and all other things. In spite of all those sacrifices, she assured that the fulfillment is just incomparable. Aside from that, Pinky points out experience as a huge factor for people to appreciate theatre. Comparing it to movies and television shows, she said theatre is a different world that could also inspire people and make them relate to such stories. She hopes that people would get to experience theatre and that our country would have more of these, not just international shows but local shows as well.

Another one who we got to interview is a Filipino-American actress, host, former MTV VJ, model, radio personality and now making her debut as a theatre actor, Giselle “G” Tongi-Walters. She’ll be playing the role of Marlene Dietrich, Edith Piaf’s friend who is known to be one of the first women in the 30’s to be openly bisexual. She is also known to be one of the first to wear trousers, which is a big issue back then. Such an interesting role that we all should watch!

We were lucky enough to hear a sample from the cast too!

“From the streets of Paris to worldwide fame, Edith Gassion (known as ‘PIAF’, the sparrow) continues to be remembered and revered for her exceptional voice and extraordinary life.
In this new version of PIAF, which premiered at London’s Donmar Warehouse in 2008 before transferring to the West End. Pam Gems has reworked her classic 1978 play, vivily capturing the glamour and squalor, the rise and fall of this complex, fragile and enigmatic performer.
Featuring over 25 of Edith Piaf’s most famous songs including La Vie en Rose, Autumn Leaves, Hymn a I’amour and the iconic Non, je ne regretted tiene, PIAF brings back to the stage one of the country’s finest stage actresses, Pinky Amador.”
PIAF is directed by Bobby Garcia, who marks 20 years of directing this year, and produced by Atlantis Productions. For tickets, log in to our website at or call us at 8919999.

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