Tuesday, May 28, 2013

TicketWorld's 10 Commandments of the Theatre

Going to the Theatre is a shared experience. We put together a list of "commandments" we think will create a better Theatre experience for everyone!

1. Thou Shall Arrive On Time.

This one is pretty straight forward. Make sure to double check your ticket for the info. Sometimes you get the odd performance time. Theatre is NOT the movies, folks, there are no trailers that play at the beginning. (That being said, don't arrive late for your movies either). The overture is part of the performance too, you're meant to listen to it as well. It's not "leeway" time for you to take your seats.

The house typically opens about 30 minutes before the performance. Theatres usually have announcements for the 30-Minute 15-Minute and 5-Minute call.

Make sure to leave extra time for traffic and parking, too! We live in the Philippines. Let's face it. There is traffic everywhere. Plan accordingly.

Arriving late means:
  •  Missing out on the show - often times, the opening number is the best part!
  • Annoying co-audience members as you try to get to your seats in the dark
  • Breaking the performers' concentration. They can see EVERYTHING. *gasp* Shocker!
  • Not getting your money's worth. 
Some theatres also have a "Closed Door Policy" where arriving late means missing the show completely. Other performances only have certain moments during the show where the ushers are allowed to let late comers in. Some of them with 20 to 30 minute intervals.

2. Thou Shall Dress Appropriately.

Wear your Sunday best to the Theatre! It's much fancier than going to the movies. You don't have to arrive in a suit and tie, but dressing well shows a level of respect for the performance and all the people involved.

Leave those Crocs at home.

3. Thou Shall NOT Covet thy Neighbor's Seat

Double check where you're seated, and make sure you've got the correct seat. Even if the seat beside you is empty, leave it be. If that group arrives later in the performance, its a whole other mess of shifting and moving over. 

4. Thou Shall TURN OFF thy mobile phones.

OK. This one. Seriously. Turn those mobile phones OFF. Unless there's a VERY (very very) important message you're waiting for, there's no reason to have that thing on. In a dark audience area, that rude glare from your screen is seen from rows and rows back. Not to mention by the performers.

If  turning it off causes you too much anxiety, and you must keep it on, at least put on SILENT MODE. No vibrations, nothing. Put it on silent.

FACEBOOK AND TWITTER CAN WAIT. You may be excited about the show, but you can tell the world AFTER the show or even during intermission. And God forbid you whip that thing out for a game.Take your high score OUTSIDE. Scrap that. If you're coming to the theatre to play a game, don't come at all.

If you're waiting for an important call. Wait outside. Leaving your seat and opening the door to leave is also such a distraction.

5. Thou Shall NOT Take Photos or Videos of the Performance

Need we expound? Taking photos and videos are extremely prohibited. It's pretty much illegal. POSTING them is a whole other realm of performance infraction.

Over the years we've caught some less than subtle culprits. With Ipads now too! Shame shame shame. 

6. Thou Shall NOT EAT inside the theatre.

The last thing the person next to you wants to hear on top of the dialogue, is you unwrapping a piece of gum, followed by some incessant chewing.

Not to mention the trash you leave behind. 

7. Thou Shall Participate Accordingly.

Depending on the show, the fourth wall (the imaginary wall between you and the performers) is "broken" to allow for some audience participation. Be a sport. Participate. The performers feed off of audience energy soo much. It really does make a difference when you're a champ and you start clapping or yelling like they ask you to. Trust. You won't look lame in front of your date. If anything, you'll get some awesome brownie points.

8. Thou Shall Respect thy Neighbors.

On top of Commandments 4 and 6, thou must also refrain from talking to thy neighbor. What absolutely has to be said that can't wait until after the show?

Reactions are great too! Performers love that! However, let's take it easy on the audible comments. Even if they're to yourself. They can be distracting..

Thou must also refrain from fidgeting. Keep still in your seat. There's no need for straightjackets, but do try to avoid shifting so much that you end up kicking the seat in front of you.

For all the Moms and Dads out there, if your child is too young to sit still for 2 hours, just leave them with the babysitters and enjoy a little date night.

Also, please be wary of the sight lines you create for people. Leaning all over the place might leave everyone behind you adjusting as well.

9. Thou Shall NOT leave early.

Out of respect for everyone involved, finish the performance. The performers can see you leave your seat. And the audience will have to endure a whole row of "excuse me. . pardon me. . excuse me. . sorry. . pardon me. . excuse . . excuse". This also means using the "facilities" before entering or during the intermission. (We all know what "facilities" means, right? ;) ). You could miss so much during a bathroom break!

 10. Thou Shall Show Appreciation.

When the show is done, whether you loved the performance or not, please do applaud. There are so many people involved in a production, the performers are only a handful of them. Clapping shows that their hard work has been acknowledged. 

And of course! Do not forget to have a wonderful time! The Philippines offers a great range of stage productions! And of course, for show listings check out our new and improved website at www.ticketworld.com.ph 

See you at the theatre! :)

Go forth into the theatre. Enjoy. And love thy neighbor as you love thyself.

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