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TicketWorld's Guide to VIRGIN LABFEST 10


The Virgin Labfest is an annual festival of untried, untested, unstaged and unpublished plays.  This year, it will be held from June 25 to July 6, 2014 at the CCP Tanghalang Huseng Batute with 3pm and 8pm shows. It is a project of the CCP in cooperation with the Writer’s Bloc, Inc. and Tanghalang Pilipino and with the assistance of the National Commission for Culture and Arts. 

Now on its tenth year, the Virgin Labfest has earned a solid reputation for its exciting and provocative line-up of one-act plays from playwrights both young and old.  In addition to the main features, there are three staged readings and a Fellowship program. 

The festival will run from June 25 to July 6, 2014 

The Cultural Center of the Philippines at the Tanghalang Huseng Batute (CCP Studio Theater ) AND
Bulwagang Amado Hernandez (CCP Conference Room)


The plays included in the Labfest line up, are a series of one act plays. The various works are grouped in to what are referred to as "Sets". As a result, you buy a ticket for a "Set", and not just one particular show. If the plays you would like to see are in different sets, you would need to buy another ticket to see the next "Set". 

It is important to take note of the following:
  • Each set is composed of Three Original Plays. 

  • Each Set is lettered from A to E. Sets A to D are all debut works, while Set E are revisited plays from last year's Labfest. 

  • Not all Sets play on all days, and not all days have the same sets playing the Matinee and the Evening performances.
  • The the Labfest series is Rated "R", and the CCP will only admit audience members 18 and Above.

Here is the complete schedule of Labfest Sets.

Here are the posters and a short synopsis of this year's Labfest Roster.

Wednesday June 25, 3PM & 8PM, 
Saturday July 5, 3PM
Sunday July 6, 8 PM


Written by: Liza Magtoto
Directed by: Audie Gemora
Featuring: Cris Pastura, Olive Nieto & Randy Villarama 

It’s a dreaded reunion between a man and a woman who had anonymous sex two years ago.  The man appears at a time the woman is in a relationship.  He wants to extort some money from the woman or else he will destroy her by showing a video of their sexual act.  The truth is out and puts the current relationship to a test, meanwhile interrogating our own discomfort about this level of sexuality among  women.   


Written by: Allan B. Lopez
Directed by: Denisa Reyes
Featuring: Liesel Batucan, Jonathan Tad Tadioan & Alfredo Yong Mabanta Tapang, Jr.

Meg and AJ meet in the most typical friendly lunch at work. Five years afterwards, Meg visits AJ's house on his 40th birthday – a date he had once said would be the day he'll kill himself. In the short and nostalgic “birthday celebration,” the ghost of a brief but ultimately dead love story awkwardly looms above them


Written by: Layeta Bucoy
Directed by: Chris Millado

Not wanting to be left alone by his long-time lover Tata, successful actor Tart reminds Tata of their tempestuous yet romance-filled relationship by reading the letters Tata sent him. To justify their separation, Tata fires back at Tart by reading the letters Tart wrote him. As they consume each other’s box of letters, the history of their love affair flashes back with the intermittent singing of Julie Andrew’s “Time is My Friend.” But even as they traverse the romantic rope tying their two boxes of letters, they eventually learn that in matters of the heart, perhaps love is never enough.

Thursday June 26, 3PM & 8PM
 Saturday July 5, 8PM
Sunday July 6, 3PM


Written by: Raymund P. Reyes
Directed by: Dennis N. Marasigan
Featuring: Bong Cabrera, Dolly De Leon, Karyl Factora, Wenah Nagales & Zandra Summer

Intoy is in critical condition after a ruptured aneurysm triggers a stroke and leaves him unconscious. The doctor recommends immediate surgery but even the down payment for the surgeon’s professional fee is beyond the means of the street ice cream vendor and his wife. Felisa, the wife, calls Intoy’s siblings for help. While their brother’s fate depends on their decision, the reunion between Guido, Doreen, and Linda results into bickering and opens up long-held feelings of animosity, resentment, and envy for each other.


Written by: DingDong Novenarios
Directed by: Joshua Lim So
Featuring: Delphine Buencamino & Topper Fabregas

Smart and pretty little Wendy is resigning from her current job and taking the first step towards her dream job - being a housewife. Assigned for her exit interview is Mark, a manager and a friend she once worked with on a project during her early years in the company. They talk about their past, their present, and the decisions they made that brought them to where they are now. Both of them take steps towards the future that they want. Unfortunately, only one of them succeeds.


Written by: Carlo Vergara
Directed by: Marlon Rivera
Featuring: Noemi Manikan-Gomez, Rem Zamora, Hannah Dela Guerra

It is the year 2045, and the world is teetering towards explosive widespread conflict, the likes of which it hasn’t seen in almost a century. But that won’t stop the Miss Universal Empress beauty pageant from taking place in Barcelona, Spain. The pageant is of particular importance to the Philippines, as the South East Asian nation has so far won four of the world’s top five beauty competitions. A grandslam seems inevitable, but then there’s, well… the prophecy

Friday June 27, 3PM & 8PM
Wednesday July 2, 3PM
Friday July 4, 8PM


Written by: Joy Icayan
Directed by: Tami Monsod
Featuring: Nor Domingo & Mayen Estanero

In Last Ten Minutes, two strangers find ways to connect over loss and past experiences during the last few minutes in a motel room. 


Written by: Kevin Tabora
Directed by: Melvin Lee
Featuring Crispin Pineda & Meann Espinosa

Jimmy, an aging ex-convict seeking redemption, asks the help of his bitter and cynical daughter, Jeanette, who he hasn’t seen for nearly 20 years and is now a prolific but disturbed writer, to proofread and edit his resume and personal statement for a job opportunity abroad.


Written by: Eljay Castro Deldoc
Directed by: Roobak Valle
Featuring: Sherry Lara, PeeWee O'Hara, Wenah Nagales, Paolo O'Hara, Chrome Cosio, Mosang

Prof. Dimaandal (a.k.a Ma'am D), a retiring cranky Science teacher, demands justice for her beloved goldfish. Allegedly murdered by three students, her pet becomes the center of chaos inside the Principal's office as concerned parents, who turn out to be alumni of the school and former sweethearts at that, obliquely resolve their open-ended past; while faculty members struggle to grasp the logic of seeking justice for a dead fish. Based on real events, “Ang Goldfish ni Prof. Dimaandal” portrays how absurdity can effortlessly prevail in places where things are expected to be normal, even in the academe. Because after all, does anything even make sense?

Saturday June 28, 3pm & 8PM
Wednesday July 2, 8PM
Thursday July 3, 3PM


Written by: Joanna L. Katanyag
Directed by: Ed Lacson Jr.
Featuring: Sherry Lara, Chino Veguillas & Juliene Mendoza

It’s 3am in Lola Betang’s time…

Amidst the buzz of the drunken Tondo, Lola Betang stays sober and still.

With her old transistor beside her, she waits patiently for her behind-scheduled “Sundo”.  Lola Betang patiently waits, hoping that when demise finally faces her, She will, at long last, come face to face again with the love of her life… If only time would allow her.


Written by: Reya Laplana
Directed by: Jenny Jamora
Featuring: Isabelle Martinez & Alison Segarra

“Sa Lilim” is a play about best friends, Lai and Hani, who reunite after a year of separation. Lai returns to her hometown from the city where she takes her secondary studies, while Hani is struggling with her own education from the local high school. As they start off from a series of awkward confrontations, there unfold secrets that they have never shared with each other, not until now.


Written by: Meynard Manansala & U.Z. Eliserio
Directed by: JK Anicoche
Featuring: Sarah Galazar, Meila Rose Romero-Payawal Joel Saracho, Ernie Concepcion & 

Kiko's uncle abused her. Now he is dead. Kiko can finally bury the shame and the pain. But first, she has to reveal the truth to her mother, who, unfortunately, has secrets of her own. A testament to the strength of children and the power of women, Bago Ilibing is a play about love, loss, and distributing snacks at Filipino wakes.

(Virgin Labfest 9 Re-visited)
Sunday June 29, 3PM & 8PM
Thursday July 3, 8PM
Friday July 4, 3PM


Written by: Herlyn Alegre
Directed by: Law Fajardo
Featuring: Ces Quesada, Bernardo Bernardo, Junjun Quintana & Onyl Torres

The play is set in 1992 on an ordinary Sunday in Tokyo. Two Filipino friends, Benjie and Manuel, both illegal workers in Japan, gather at the house of their Filipina friend, Manang Linda, to collect the letters their families send to fictional names they created to hide their true identities. At the middle of the happy lunch, Rodel, another young Filipino illegal worker, barges in declaring he had just killed a man who threatened to report him to the police. His friends suggest that he moves deeper underground by moving to another prefecture, finding a new day job, cutting ties with his family and 
friends, keeping a low profile, changing his name, and staying hidden for good. Would Rodel choose to stay invisible not only to the police but also to his family and friends to keep his freedom and continue working for his family’s sake? 


Written by: Liza Magtoto
Directed by: Ed Lacson Jr.
Featuring: Kiki Baento, Jeslon Bay, Thea Gloria, Karenina Haniel, Jean Judith Javier, Mario Mendoza Jr, Meila Romero-Payawal, Noel Taylo & Adrienne Vergara

Ting has a Katipunero hero for an ancestor. In fact, a street is named after him. He wants his Fil-am daughterto feel that Pinoy pride by showing her that. The bad news is that the street will soon give way to a highway which is being built through a mayor's initiative. Ting's Fil-am daughter Bituin couldn't care less, but Ting wants to preserve the legacy of his great-grandfather. An informal settler and an NGO worker also seem to have reasons to stop the mayor from building this highway. What's in this street anyway that they have to fight for it? Perhaps a quest for immortality, survival or something else? 


Written by: Carlo Vergara
Directed by: Chris Martinez
Featuring: Hans Eckstein, Skyzx Labastilla & Kiki Baento

Being a maid is tough enough...

...but when Mely lands a job under a group of unconventional employers, she steps up to the unique challenge for the sake of her family. When Mely's sister Viva enters the picture, Mely is reminded of a disturbing past, made complicated by an unsettling romantic revelation. All this in a tragicomedy about domestic help, sibling rivalry, and shattered dreams.


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