Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival on Feb 27 - March 3

Hakuna Matata, it means no worries for the rest of your days. 

Malasimbo is a hidden paradise in Oriental Mindoro for those who wants to explore, de-stress or simply be one with nature. Located in Puerto Galera, the festival aims to promote the beautiful bays of the island, preserve its natural habitat and raise environmental awareness through reforestation.

Malasimbo Music and Arts Festival is a perfect getaway for both the adventures nature lovers and the calm artsy peeps who are looking for a place to recharge their creative energies.

There's an activity for everyone! Learn how to play the Ukulele in one of their workshops, relax during the afternoon yoga then party all night at the Malasimboat!

“I don’t want the (concert) lineup to be why people come at the festival. I want the people to come to festival because of the Malasimbo experience, which is not just the music but the culture, the arts, [and] the environmental part of it,” Grgic says.

Art, music and nature comes together as one with soothing music and the beautiful masterpieces around the area. Be inspired and witness the Malasimbo experience this February 27 to March 3! 

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