Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Cherie Gil: Up Close And Personal

Full Name: Evangeline Rose Eigenmann
Date Of Birth: June 21, 1963

Do You Have A Nickname ?
Cherie  and Cheech to some of my closest colleagues.

Have You Changed Much Since You Were A Kid ?
I’d like to think so.  In many good ways I hope.  I still have a few childish antics though.

What Do You Most Value In Your Friends ?
Loyalty and trustworthiness.

What Is It That You Most Dislike ? liars and cowards

Are You A Vegetarian ? 

Do You Worry About Your Weight ?
Now I have begun. Seems like the metabolism slows down as you get to a certain age.

What Animal Would You Be If You Were One ? And Why? 
A cat or anything feline when I’m in my flirtatious, girlish mood. An eagle when i want to soar and feel adventurous.

Who Are Your Favorite Writers?
I like Khalil Gibran, Milan Kundera, Paolo Coelho, Ernest Hemingway , Kaled Hosseini and Dr. Seuss.

Your Favorite Books ?
Many but always my favorites are the Little Prince by Antoine De Exupery and oh, The Places You Go by Dr Seuss.

On Your Work Of Art:

When Did You Decide To Become An Artist?
I don’t recall a moment. I just suddenly became one.

Can You Describe Your Body Of Work ?
Long Hahah

What Are The Best And Worst Things About Doing What You Do ?
The best are many. The learning process of the craft marries well with becoming a better human being and understanding human nature.  tThe worst?  Well the long hours at work especially for  tv.

Do You Enjoy The Whole Process Of Making Art 
It can be nerve-wracking and tedious but what isn’t?  That’s why one derives so many fulfillments in the end as a result of creating.

Name Some Of Your Artistic Influences  
Charito Solis,  Rita Gomez,  Ishmael Bernal, Peque Gallaga,  My Mother Rose Marie Gil.

What Stimulates You To Like Your Work Of Art ?
The challenge of bringing a character to life and making her human. Telling stories that inspire and empower especially women.

Do You Ever Feel Trapped By The Standard Rules  And Procedures Of The World Of Cinema?  Television ?  Legitimate Stage?
Yes sometimes but then again it can’t be help.  Part of my responsibility as an actor is to give it a bit of twist each time above the norms. And finally, it takes a whole genre to make the change happen in spite  the rules.

Dream Roles On Film? On Stage?
Oh My! I used to say i would love to play Norma Desmond one day but now,  I think  I’m alright and I’m in  a good place to say that I have been blessed to play some of the wonderful roles and material.

What Is Your Favorite Medium ?
The Stage

Are You Always Conscious Of Your Acting Roles Since You Came From A Family Of Actors ? Hmmmm…… No. I’m more conscious of who the director will be and with whom i will be inetracting with as actors.)

Do You Still Get Nervous? Of Course!!!!!

On Fashion:

What Were You Like As A Pretty Girl ? 

What Are Your Favorite Colors ? 
Teal, Purple and Lilac

What Is Your Favorite Wardrobe ? 
Jeans and t-shirts with a funky pair of flats.

Favorite Pair Of Shoes Ever ? 
My ballet flats and  my shiny red chef shoes.

Did You Ever Want To Become A Fashion Designer ?  
At some point yes. I just cant draw!!!!

Who Are The Designers You Admire ? 
Oh Many!

How  Would You Describe Your Personal Style? 
Classic yet hip

What's In Your Beauty Bag ? 
Lipstick , Powder , Concealer

Do You Like Wearing Make-Up ? 

What Are Your Favorite Scents ?
I like them citrussy with a touch of sandal wood. I am drawn towards men scents.  Now I use Terre By Hermes and Jo Malone Promegranate Scent.

What Are Your Most Treasured Possessions ?
My children’s  art work and writing and their pictures.

Did You Ever Want To Become A Fashion Model Like Your Mother?
I was a fashion model in fact. Legitimately so.  My mom did it once in  a while for fun when she was asked by her designer friends.

Describe Your Younger Years As A Rustan’s Young Vip Model ?
I was the youngest of the bunch  and the “funnest”.  When i auditioned they had to keep an eye closed to the age limit,  which was then 15. I was only 14 J. Great experience! Until this day I am still in touch with my co-vip models .  We were the last batch of them albeit the best!!! lol

What Is The Quality You Like Most In A Woman ? A woman who graciously  leads her life with grace and elegance. Generous and humble yet confident to exude light and inspiration around her.

What Is Your Greatest Extravagance ?
Travels and fine dining restaurants. Nice cars Ttoo J

What Do You Dislike Most About Your Appearance ?
Oh, perhaps my short calves and big hands.

On Life:

Who Are Your Heroes In Real Life ?
Not too many.  If I did say  their names  you wouldn’t  know them. They’re your ordinary kind of people you meet along the way.  Most of them have reached their senior years and that’s why they turn out to be the wiser ones.
What Is Your Idea Of Perfect Happiness ?  Toots, this is getting so philosophical!

When And Where Were You Happiest?
When I see the people who matter and mean the most to me happy and safe. Most of the time is when I am with my children of course.

Do You Have A Life Philosophy Or Motto ?
Yes. “When Was The Last Time You Did Something For The First Time?“ It reminds me to always try something new and to never stop learning.

What Keeps You Going When The Going Gets Rough ? 
My Craft and Work.

What Do You Regard As The Lowest Depth Of Misery ? 
Let’s not go there.

What Is Your Greatest Fear?  
I try not to fear.  As they say that what you fear may come to you.  I live life as it comes. On a day to day. But yeah I admit that i fear getting cellulites. ha ha

What Is Your Greatest Regret ? 

What Is The Trait You Most Deplore In Yourself ? 
I analyze too much

What Or Who Is The Greatest Love Of Your Life ? That’s Personal

© Toots Tolentino

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