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CARRIE: Pure White Turns Blood Red Behind a Wallflowers' Wall

Just because you see one side, doesn't make it all that there is. A horror novel upfront, a strong moral hidden within the story. Life lessons painted with blood and terror, Carrie's solid plot tackles extreme bullying in high school and how it's not as simple as child's play. Blood is leaking on Carrie's walls, will you look pass it and see her as she is?

It's not "damn toad, and spastic, and weirdo, and dumb b*tch." Her name is Carrie White. Tormented by her peers due to her peculiar ways while being abused by her mother, Carrie had to endure physical and mental pain both in school and at home. She's the center of attention in a way no one would want to be. Living most of her life in the closet, she learned how to hide and live with her skeletons. A lonely soul within, Carrie White suffers in silence until she finally breaks down at prom. 

Mikkie Bradshaw is Carrie White! After years of taking in supporting roles, Mikkie's hard work finally paid off as she takes the center stage! But unlike her character, all eyes are on her in a positive way. Portraying Carrie as a girl with enough innocence and desire for acceptance while being gradually led to insanity when everything she does backfires. She balances out Carrie's intense hatred and want to be loved by others. She's in the middle of a seesaw, slowly being pushed to one side, when one pull could change her (and everyone else's) fate forever. A polar opposite to Mikkie's real personality, she'll push when pushed and knows how to stand up for her rights.

Like mother, like daughter. As they say, sometimes you don't have to look further to see the younger you again. Nor should you ask why your daughter behaves the way she does. They sometimes act the same way, dress alike, they can both sew clothes... and then kill each other in the end. Yet despite all that, they strangely love one another more than anyone could. In Margaret's song, When There's No One she sings "I gave you life, I can take it away!" and was determined to 'sacrifice' her daughter, yet still hesitates as she continues "But when I am all alone, will I cry 'Carrie'? Oh, my Carrie. Who will hold me when there's no one?

Menchu Lauchengco-Yulo plays the Christian Margaret White, a religious woman with a twisted understanding of salvation. A pastor once said, good deeds come out when you are a real Christian. It does not increase or decrease our value, because in the eyes of God we are already valuable. In Margaret’s case, she prays in hope of being saved, when we should be praying out of love. Menchu says she is nothing like Margaret which made the role rather challenging. So far, this is her darkest role yet which will be balanced out once she plays the Fairy Godmother in Cinderella this October. 

A jock's physique, a poet at heart. Tommy Ross may have a toned body, but he has a soft spot for poetry. In his poem, A Dreamer in Disguise, he subtly shows his true self in front of the class. "There's more to me than I reveal. And cause I shine in quiet ways, I'm someone you don't recognize." Although a part of the popular crowd, Tommy's real personality only shows through his poems... and Sue Snell.

Markki Stroem gives life to Tommy Ross! A PGT contestant, singer-songwriter, actor, producer, director and a graduate of Hospitality and Marketing Management with honors in the Glion Institute of Higher Education in Switzerland. Who would have thought that Markki Stroem also experienced bullying during his high school days? Unlike Tommy, Markki was an upfront nerd with star quality deep inside him. He's also multilingual and can converse in English, Tagalog, German, Spanish, French and Norwegian. Now an owner of a production company, he works behind the scenes and in the spotlight! Markki is one of the best examples to never let bullies get the best of you. 

Together with Yanah Laurel as Sue Snell, the on-stage couple embarks on a journey of self discovery and becomes pivotal characters in Carrie's life. They only want what's best for everyone, but their good intentions turned for the worst. They were just kids, trying to do their best. 

Directed by Bobby GarciaCarrie's powerhouse cast, innovative set design and dramatic lighting makes this musical by Atlantis Production another resounding success!

The cast also includes Shiela Valderrama-Martinez (Ms. Gardener), Garie Concepcion (Mean Girl Helen) and Jill Peña (Chris Hargensen) with the former building her confidence, Helen destroying it, while the latter ultimately crushes her and herself in return. 

They all had the same dream but had different ways to attain it. Whether right or wrong, they took what they thought was what they deserve. Carrie, like everyone else, only wanted to live with an identity, to stop being in the background and start standing out (even just one bit). But instead of helping Carrie breakthrough her already broken walls, Thomas Ewen High School pushed her to the limit and turned White... Blood Red.

As pig blood falls down Carrie's prom dress, blood also starts to fill the entire room at prom. If she couldn't be one of them, she made them live the same fate. She's the wallflower that kicked the bucket out of her head to those who laughed at her misery. Blood flowing from pure Carrie's wounds painted those around her the same way they stained her. She was just another teenager seeking recognition, trying to find where she could fit in. If only they had listened to Carrie White's story. If only.

Carrie will resume its run on September 27 at the RCBC Theater! Get your tickets now at all TicketWorld outlets! Or call 891-9999 to reserve your seats! This is another musical you don't want to miss!

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NOTE: K-La Rivera will be playing CARRIE starting September 27. Mikkie Bradshow will be back during CARRIE's last show week.

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