Thursday, June 6, 2013

TicketWorld Stars at The Stars of Philippine Ballet

Summer has officially ended and before our TicketWorld Student Ambassadors (aka twiSTA) enter another school year, Ballet Manila invited them to watch The Stars of Philippine Ballet last June 1 at the Aliw Theater. All the ambassadors were very enthusiastic from start to finish and we all agree that the dance numbers were simply AMAZING! Even after the show everybody was talking about it sharing their favorite scenes, costumes and how they appreciate the art of ballet. BUT the best experience for them was when they got to meet Ms. Lisa Macuja after the show! Lucky ambassadors!

twiSTA and TWI's Marketing Team with Ms. Lisa Macuja-Elizalde

Here's what our Student Ambassadors think about ballet and the show:

Jasmin dela Vega, Adamson University:
To see the world renowned Filipino ballet dancers gathered in a gala such as last Saturday’s, was a surreal experience for a new ballet audience. Seeing a ballet performance neither in YouTube nor in a jewelry box given by an aunt, but in a real stage with great performances from real ballet artists, made me feel like I have entered a new world, known but not appreciated. Everyone is amazing on stage and Ms. Lisa Macuja-Elizalde is surprisingly more amazing even off stage. I look up on her passion to bring ballet closer to Filipinos especially to the youth. If I would have to choose the best three performances from last night, I will choose “Pas D’Action,” ”La Femme” and “You don’t bring me flowers.” 

Jean Lim, University of the Philippines:
A production filled with world-class ballerinas? Wow. A production filled with FILIPINO world-class ballerinas? Now that's what I'm talking about. If there's something to say about "Stars of Philippine Ballet", it was a show that would make you proud as a Filipino. It's amazing how the dancers could share a story and emit such feel to the audience using only their graceful movements and facial expressions. Each performance was done so beautifully and perfectly that the audience (of course, including me) couldn't help but send a round of applause and praises after every performance. Having these renowned dancers perform together in one stage, in their home country, for their fellow Filipinos was truly a wonderful sight. Indeed, the Filipinos have the makings to be a star. 

Renz De Vera, Far Eastern University - Manila:
I was really amazed with their performance during the Stars of Philippine Ballet. The ballerinas are so great, I really like their graceful movements and I salute the strength of their toes. Wow! Grabe!, that's all I can say. And I also like the crowd during the show. Looking forward to catch more ballet shows soon! 

Ziella Barreno, University of the Philippines (Graduate School):
It was such a delight to see Ms. Lisa Macuja-Elizalde perform. Her pirouettes and dancing lines are very commendable. She is a proof that talent doesn't know any age -- she's been a prima ballerina for a long time already and her talent never wanes. She's truly a world-class talent! Candice Adea is sure to follow in her footsteps. She's a revelation! 

Paul Yabut, De La Salle University - Dasmarinas:
The STARS OF PHILIPPINE BALLET show was the second ballet show/recital i watched ever since i was a kid, the first one was also performed by prima ballerina Ms. Lisa Macuja-Elizalde and it was also held in aliw theatre. Each dancer portrays different characters that tell or interpret the story of the music. Each performance shows excitement, gracefulness, etc. Their dance steps also deliver to the audience what they should feel. Every performance was indeed good and deserves a BRAVO!! Overall the show was fun and exciting!

Colwin Tanhehco, De La Salle University - Manila:
The Stars of Philippine Ballet brought the audience to an evening full of surprises and amazement. The classical ballet that we know of, tutus and everything, has now evolved to a visual spectacle modernized to be accessible to today's youth. From the costumes to the stunts, every move of the ballet dancers was breathtaking!

Nicole Tejano, De La Salle University:
"Bravo!" this was the chant of many audience members including myself! Enthralled by the beautiful imagery I witnessed in "Stars of Philippine Ballet," I lost track of time.  When the curtains closed at the end of the show, I found myself yearning for more. Even though this show didn't have a specific story to tell, the various pieces performed showed not only the amazing talent Philippine ballet dancers posses but also their ability to charm their audience with movement and grace. I can't wait for what is instore for us in the bright future of Ballet Manila!" 

Joy Aguilar, College of Saint Benilde:
Extravagant and sophisticated are just some of the words that could summarize the Stars of Philippine Ballet. Truly, the performers of the show made justice to its title. I never knew that, I, who grew up in the generation of hip hop, would learn to appreciate this genre of dance. I just hope that one day my fellow youth will share the same thoughts and taste as I have.

Now we know you wanna watch ballet too... be updated and give Ballet Manila a thumbs up! OR you may always check TicketWorld website for the latest shows in the metro! :)

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