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TWI's Interview with BOEING BOEING's David Bianco

 TWI's Chewy Buhion had the wonderful pleasure of sitting down with some of the cast and crew of Repertory Philippines' season opener, BOEING BOEING.

David Bianco- Bernard

David Bianco plays "Bernard" the charming leading man who tries to balance his relationship with three beautiful air hostesses. Having only lived in the Philippines for two years with is his wife Jennifer-Blair Bianco (who is also in the show -she plays Gloria), Chewy talks to him about his prospects here in the Philippines on stage and behind the camera!

Being a fresh face in the Philippine entertainment industry, which direction do you think your career is going to go?

My passion really is film, to be honest with you and the independent film industry here is something I’ve just started working on. I’m also an ‘Indie film’ producer. I’m interested in developing projects, developing other people’s projects, acting in them, producing them, and my feeling is, there is such an abundant amount of creative people here, stories, and enthusiasm. My wife is from the Philippines, her mom is. I’m kind of making it a home for me. Films from the Philippines are being recognized around the world. I see that as an opportunity as a producer, and actor to develop myself [...] from a theatrical perspective, I do some projects with Rep, and maybe in the future do some other projects with other companies as well. 
I’m also working on a musical right now, called ‘Marco Polo, an Untold Love Story’, and I’m playing Marco Polo! This is going to be coming out next year as well. It’s going to have an Asian tour, with its sights on London In fact, the Broadway producers and Director are coming out to see the opening night of this performance. So, no pressure right?! My feeling is when I got here, a lot of people said, “Oh you can’t make it just doing theatre, or just film.” And they’re right. Jen (Jennifer-Blair Bianco) and I do a lot of commercials; we have a lot of different things going on. And that’s the main thing, it’s just to stay active, get to know people, be honest with people.

You may also recognize David and his beautiful wife Jennifer, as the charming couple in the TV commercial "Lovers - It's More Fun in the Philippines"

Let’s go to films. If you could have the choice of any Filipino actor, who would you choose, and why?

“One person I actually want to do a film with, he is a friend, is Echo (Jericho Rosales). So, [my wife and I]  went to the premier [of "Alagwa"], we talked briefly, and he wants to do something in the theatre actually. He said, “David I’d like to do something, work with you in the future on some projects.” And I said, “Absolutely.” He’s interested in Shakespeare; he’s interested in a few different things. I think I would like to work with him actually. [...] obviously he has a fan base which is massive, and so a lot of people could see his stuff [but] my success as an actor and as an artist doesn’t start and end with being able to reach a lot of people. It’s about reaching one person at a time. If you can impact one person in a profound way, and their life is changed with what you do, or what you’re a part of. That’s enough.”  

How was picking your life up from the States, and moving here to the Philippines? 

            “Let’s talk about food first of all, because I mean with any culture you have to start with the food in my opinion. Jen’s mom kind of got me acclimated with Filipino cooking, but it was an acquired taste. The whole idea of vinegar in lots of dishes, it was just not my pallet 7 to 10 years ago. Over time I really appreciate it! Now I love, you know Adobo [...] Titas and Titos would introduce me to lots of different foods [...] Obviously, traffic is just unbearable, but just like any city you have to understand the patterns. If this is a high traffic time you have to adjust your life if you want to get somewhere, so you’re just traveling at a different time. It’s just about understanding the flow of everything.

 As far as Filipinos go, I mean I’m married to a half Filipina, and I love her mom to death. There’s a sensibility, an understanding and appreciation to family life, and family values which I really admire [...] They want to share the culture, they want to talk about history.When you talk to people like Jen’s lola, she’s very comfortable telling us about the history, like freely. My own grandparents won’t talk to me about American History, so here’s Jen’s grandmother telling me about everything. It’s a real awakening, so there’s a historical relevance and understanding, which I’ve also come to appreciate here.”     

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